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Perfect your game with top-tier equipment at competitive prices! TopShot badminton and pickleball pro shop offers a wide selection of gear from leading manufacturers, including Yonex, Victor for badminton and Joola, Selkirk for pickleball. Members enjoy even greater savings with exclusive discounts on all badminton and pickleball equipment.

Achieving peak performance on the court demands the right footwear and attire. Non-marking shoes offer the necessary traction and stability without surface damage, while proper clothing ensures comfort and unhindered movement. Recognizing these essentials, TopShot provides a diverse array of specialized shoes and attire tailored for badminton and pickleball enthusiasts. Moreover, our inventory includes a variety of birdies and balls, catering to players’ needs to fully indulge in their favorite sports.



Beyond just rackets, shoes, and apparel, our expert stringing services ensure your equipment performs at its absolute best, giving you that winning edge on the court.

Take your badminton game to the next level with our expert stringing services, powered by the Yonex Precision X.0 machine. This advanced technology ensures your racket performs at its absolute best, giving you the winning edge you crave.
Convenience you can count on! Drop off your racket 7 days a week during our front desk hours. We guarantee your racket will be strung and ready for pick-up within 7 days, though we often complete them much faster – aiming for a quick turnaround of 2-3 days.

To ensure we can string your badminton racket to your exact specifications, please remember to bring the following when you drop it off:

  • Your preferred type of string (e.g., Yonex BG65, Victor VS-850)
  • Your desired string tension in pounds (lbs)

At our shop, we offer a wide range of strings from leading manufacturers. Whether you’re looking for strings that provide extra power, precise control, or enhanced durability, we have options to suit every player’s needs. Additionally, our experienced team members can provide recommendations based on your playing style and preferences to help you get the most out of your racket.

Please Note

By submitting your racket for stringing, you acknowledge that TopShot and its staff are not liable for any cracks or damages that may occur during the process. Normal wear and tear, accidental racket clashes, or strings not being replaced when worn can all contribute to breakage.

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